What is Vision Therapy

Learn how weak visual skills can contribute to Carelessness and Poor Attention.

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Weak eye movement skills cause a child to exhibit traits of carelessness and poor attention.

Would it still be possible to have these poor eye movement skills if my child has perfect eyesight?

A child with perfect eyesight can also have weak visual motor skills such as weak eye tracking, eye teaming and eye focusing skills that interferes with learning efficiently.

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Weak Eye Tracking

Vision and Learning

Strong Eye Tracking

Weak eye tracking causes slow & effortful copying and skipping words/lines errors during reading resulting in poor comprehension. Weak eye tracking can be present in individuals regardless whether they require glasses or without glasses.

Andy Theo - Vision Therapy Singapore

Welcome to our Vision Therapy website!

As a Developmental Optometrist and a preschool owner, i have been practicing Vision Therapy for the last 10 years.

Vision Therapy is used to improve visual skills for conditions such as:

Developmental Optometrist Andy Teo

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